Agenda At-A-Glance

2020 Agenda Topics Overview


Nathan Pettus | Emerson

Automation Systems

Keith Bellville | R.E. Mason

With the release of DeltaV v14.3.1 many new products and functions will be introduced that focus around a completely new level of “Easy”.  Come hear about the latest features in DeltaV v14 like improvements in cybersecurity, PK Controller, DeltaV Live, Distributed Charms and more.

Bruce Greenwald | Emerson

There are many possible ways to connect devices via Ethernet to DeltaV. Today customers will connect PLCs, VFDs, and medium voltage devices to DeltaV via Ethernet. Come learn best practices and approaches on how to use the EIOC, PK Controller, VIM, and OPC UA.

Bruce Greenwald | Emerson

DeltaV Mobile reshapes the status quo by delivering an entirely new operational experience and empowering your team to improve operations performance and safety by having the operation at their fingertips – virtually anywhere. Come hear about the latest release, its features, and implementation strategies.  

Zach Sample | Emerson

The workforce is changing at accelerating pace and customers are facing a challenge to upskill the workforce. The Digital Twin can help train employees on an offline simulated plant environment. Learn about how to leverage the digital twin to do offline testing. Come hear the latest technology on 3-d and augmented reality simulation.

Eric Schultz | Emerson

Identify ways to reduce variability in your process along with connections to your business systems and Plantweb Optics. Learn how to leverage the tools from DeltaV insight to improve loop performance and how to take advantage of accelerated decision making from Plantweb Advisor.

PSS Group | R.E. Mason

Three mini workshops in one:
Easy Reporting with XLReporter – Ever wonder to how to get all the data out of DeltaV into a nice and simple report? Come learn how to make simple reports with XLReporter.
DeltaV Live Graphics Migration Tips and Tricks – With the 14.3.1 released, learn tip and tricks on to migrate your current DeltaV Operate graphics to the modern graphical interface DeltaV Live.
Integrating a Standalone PK Controller – Come and learn how simple/easy it is to integrate a skid with a standalone PK into your larger DeltaV system.

Reliability Management

Reuben Wunder | Emerson

This session takes a look at your critical assets and helps you develop a strategy around monitoring them.

Reliability Group | R.E. Mason

Learn how Ultrasonic and Infrared Thermography play an important role in your predictive maintenance program. Come to the Hands on Work Shop on the Second Day.

Reuben Wunder | Emerson

In this session we look at the new CHARMs based Asset Monitor and the new AMS9530 wireless vibration transmitter.

Eric Snyder | Emerson

Transforming data into actionable information and understanding that increases Reliability and drives business results.

Randy Byrum | R.E. Mason

In this session we will focus on configuring your gateway, wireless transmitter and testing the strength of your mesh network. This will be a hands on session so if you have access to a TREX please bring it. If not we will have several for you to use.

Reliability Group | R.E. Mason

Learn how Ultrasonic and Infrared Thermography play an important role in your predictive maintenance program in this hands on workshop.

Final Control

Craig Johnson | R.E. Mason

R.E. Mason’s Total Field Service Program combines the traditional aspects of valve and instrument repair with related support services while managing the project from scoping phase to final report.

Bryan Cartwright | R.E. Mason

Including diagnostics in your maintenance program can be a powerful tool in maximizing the performance of your pneumatic and electric actuated valves.  Learn about the capabilities, benefits, and best practices of proactive diagnostics.

Clint Schneider | Emerson

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years.  This includes in the control valve industry.  Fisher has made a large investment in harnessing the power of these newer technologies to help customers manager their control valves at your plant.  Please join Clint Schneider (Director of Valve Reliability Services) in walking through how these newer technologies can benefit you. Highlights include: RFID Asset management Tags, Valve Conditioning Monitoring, Offline Control Valve Diagnostic and more…

Brad Emry | R.E. Mason
Sean Raymond | Emerson

Make sure you are aware of the technology being used for Emerson valve instrumentation and get a peek at coming updates. Learn how other customers are using the technology and preparing for these innovations to assist productivity. A web-ex is planned to provide to demonstrate some of the capabilities.

Mark Henson | Emerson

Fisher is utilizing 3D printing technologies for building critical valve parts in a fraction of the time as traditional manufacturing methods.  Please join Mark Henson (Director of New Product Development – Fisher Controls) on a journey to Infinity and Beyond using this technology to save critical valves in a power plant, print steam atomized desuperheater nozzles and much more!

Jeff Gremillion | Emerson 
Zach Diesslin | Emerson

Guaranteed zero leakage is a powerful claim. Effective isolation maximizes plant performance and reliability – these three unique valve technologies can be the solution to your critical isolation requirements.

Rick Vance | R.E. Mason

Do you know the true cost of the inefficiencies in your site’s steam system? This course will cover the basic lay out of a steam system and best practices to consider for process improvements.

Jim Webb | R.E. Mason

Various industrial facilities have manual valves located everywhere within their process systems, which at times require plant personnel to manually stroke or operate the valve locally. This can become a large time investment as well as provide inherent risk to plant operation. Custom retrofits via R.E. Mason automation experts can help reduce risk and increase time available to operators and technicians to perform higher priority tasks.

Daniel Fraser | R.E. Mason

PRV’s play an important role in the safe operation of any facility.  While some testing & repair may be mandated by law, a programmatic approach to all these plant assets maximize safety and reliability.

Ronald Dieter | Emerson

Most customers today are unaware of the capabilities of the RTS  electric actuator.  This along with the ESD capabilities for a SIL 3 rated ESD actuator will broaden the horizon for customers to make a better choice.  Add to that the actuation experience, inventoried products and Service capabilities from R.E. Mason, and they can better make a choice for a winning combination.

Dan Fisher | R.E. Mason

Dan Fisher, our R.E. Mason veteran valve technician, will be providing detailed demonstration on how to set the bench set in a Fisher actuator. Along with bench set, he will go into the details on FieldVue DVC calibration/setup of a valve assembly to ensure the valve is ready to drop right in line and operate from the get-go.


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